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How to use hashtags to boost brand visibility on social media

We love to use hashtags. There’s a fun side to it. Not only do you seem to be current when you use them on social media, it makes you appear to be on trend as well.

But how do you use hashtags to grow your brand’s visibility on social media? To understand this, I have broken down this article into three parts:
What is a hashtag?
Why should you use hashtags?
How can you use hashtags to grow your brand on social media?

What is a hashtag?hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social media and other blogging/microblogging sites that allows users to apply unique user generated texts that could be alphanumeric in nature, which makes it possible for them to easily find or identify messages with a specific theme or trending topics and easily follow up on these topics  Users create and use hashtags by placing the number sign or hash sign #  in front of a string of characters usually a word or unspaced phrase, at the beginning, in or at the end of a message. 

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