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How to use SEO to grow your small business 2

In part one, we discussed the few things to consider when planning an SEO strategy. Understanding the stage a buyer is in his purchase journey, helps you plan your SEO strategy well. In this part, we will discuss how to implement a good SEO strategy for your small business.

Phase 1
After you must have understood the stage a target customer is, in his buyer journey, you can now begin to create content that would enrich your online space or store whether it is an e commerce website, an online market place or a business website and social media pages.
 If for instance your target is in the research stage, your content strategy should be such that provides the information he needs to make a decision. Your content should include answers to his questions such as: 
Where can I get it, how does it work, what services you provide, what satisfaction can he derive? Etc. 


Phase 2
Create suitable content:
Content is the most important aspect of an…

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