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How to stand out in an online marketplace

Digitisation has indeed brought about numerous new ways to do business. One of the most profitable so far is the online marketplace. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or service provider, there’s often one marketplace or the other you might find useful. However, these online market places are often crowded with goods and service providers from any if not every industry. For those in saturated industries, it can prove very competitive. So, how do you prevent drowning in the sea of competitors and stay relevant in business? But let’s pause to understand what an online market place is and how it helps your business.

An online market place, simply put, is no different from a physical or traditional marketplace. It is an online platform or space that allows businesses the opportunity to market and sell their goods and services to a virtual target customer(s) in the hopes of earning profit. Just think of an online marketplace as a traditional one with a slight difference.

What are …

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