Social Media optimisation for business start ups

Social media marketing

One of the most interesting things about digital marketing is the social nature of interacting with customers.

It's indeed fascinating to know that one can actually earn some good money by just doing what you otherwise do for fun or leisure be it Facebooking, or tweeting.

Social media opened a whole new demographic for marketing. Not only is it interesting, it has a minimal hassle when done well.

As a startup business, you may be wondering how to hop on the ladder of social media marketing to grow.

It may interest you to know that it's as simple as it can be but be careful, don't assume that social media for business is the same as social media for personal use. That is the first step to an unprofitable social media marketing strategy.

What you need to know

It is very important to plan how to manage your time before you venture into social media marketing.

This is because, contrary to what people think, when you get busy with other aspects of your business, social media tends to become neglected or even forgotten.

And when you ignore your social media channel, you create a break in communication, which tends to affect your online relationship with your customers.

However, it is important to note that many businesses are guilty of this and thankfully, there are solutions.

Social media marketingTime management

  • Plan a suitable time of day to dedicate to social media: When you start the day, dedicate at least 30 minutes or whatever suits you to create content for your social media channels.                                

    These may be simple snippets or quotes, texts that reflect you and your business.

    Studies show that the busiest time of day when lots of users are logged on to Twitter is from midday to 4 pm. And LinkedIn gets busy from 4 pm.  With this in mind, you can identify the best time to dedicate to social media for your business.

    You can also try to understand the time of day your target customers are active online as well.

    Facebook says images have higher chances of attracting an audience. Begin to plan how to source good images and videos for your brand.
    You do not need to hire a professional for a start. Your mobile devices would do the trick. So you've made a fancy gown. Congrats! How about sharing a short video, displaying the effort that's gone into it. Now that won't be missed by anyone!

Social media marketing plan

Social media marketing
  • Have a social media marketing plan: Planning is everything in Digital Marketing.

    Plan a good social media strategy by first deciding what you want to achieve.

    Ask yourself if you want to generate leads, traffic to your online or physical store, build engagement or generate sales and build customer relationships?

    Once you determine your goal, it helps to put your social media optimisation strategy to perspective according to digital marketing scholars (Heinze et al, 2016), (Ryan D. 2009).

    Engage your audience: It's not enough to make general tweets and facebook posts.

    It would be a waste of time and resources if you do not understand what interests your customers in order to create content that would engage them and build interest in your brand.

     You can get more insight on your customers' online behavior, their interests and more, using tools that support social media data analytics.

    More of that in the next blog though. Bye for now!

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Written by Hauwa Abubakar


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