How to start with social media marketing for your small business

Social media marketing
Let's face it. Social media is a huge platform for businesses to showcase their offerings and reach a large heterogeneous people. More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook and over 900 million sign in every day, with over 700 million people visiting daily from their mobile devices. As at September 2015, there were 645,750,000 registered twitter users of which 289,000,000 were active users. Businesses that use traditional media to reach out to their audience can now do it cost effectively with Social Media and they rake in billions yearly. (That's a fact by the way!)

social media marketingAs a small business owner, you may have already decided or started to use social media to promote your business and you may also be wondering how effective it is to grow your business. One of the major objectives of using social media for any business is to communicate and interact with customers and possibly build a social network of people who matter most to your business's growth. Studies indicate that there are four reasons why businesses use social media. They are:

  • Marketing and promotion purposes
  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Operational purpose i.e, managing operations either in the external or internal environment of the business.
You may be a hairdresser, a baker or you just opened a tailoring shop in front of your home and wondering how and where does social media come in-Listen to this!

Never ever underestimate the power of networking in any business and this is where social media helps, after all, they are called social networks. Therefore, friends, it's time to “Think social!” Think of social media as a powerful platform to build business networks and you are onto a winner. Here are key points to consider when using social media to grow your business.

Suitable social network

Social media marketing
Choose a social network relevant to your business. Don't be like a professional walk-about, signing up to every and any social network just because your competitors are doing it, or because you like the name of that channel. The key to successful use of social media for your business is understanding which channel or network fits with your business best and which one is mostly used by your target market/audience. For instance, if your business has to do with creative art, you might want to go for Instagram and YouTube. If you deal with News and entertainment, you might consider Twitter. However, there is no hard and fast rule. The logic is, don't hop on to so many social networks that managing them becomes a challenge because social media management and marketing is truly a lot of work.

Map your audience

When you identify the network your target customers use the most, it’s time to map out how they use it. Identify the lurkers-(those who visit and make no engagements like a comment, share or like), the commentators/contributors and the influencers.
Social media marketing
Through Social network analysis, you can understand the platforms your target customers use the most and see what issues they engage with.
There are many social network analysis tools to conduct social mapping with and well, some are free, others are not, while some are more compatible with certain social networks than others. The major point to take home is, identify which one suits your business most and use it WELL! You can check out tools like Followerwonk, Gephi, NodeXL, etc. And if you have the time, you can also do it manually by taking note of the shares of your posts, the people who like them often and those who comment as well. Social media insights and analytics tools are also very useful. Also, you can classify your marketing efforts and make better strategies when you understand your target customers/audience.


Social media marketing

when you understand your target customers' social behavior, it's time to begin to create social media marketing strategies by using contents that interest them and that build engagement. You may ask why you need to go through the effort, but according to marketing scholars, when you understand what your target customers want and need, and what interests them, you can really design products and services that meet their expectations. This, in turn, brings about satisfaction and customer satisfaction results in continuous patronage and even leads to recommendations. Just Think of Social media as a gold mine of opportunities where you make your own rules. Finally, with your strategy in place, it's time to implement but remember to always monitor your marketing campaign as you go. More on strategy and monitoring in our next post. For now, keep going digital and moving your business to the top!! Ask us any question by commenting below. We are happy to help because we are #DrivenByPassion for digital marketing and keen on supporting your business. If you Need further consultation or service, contact us anytime via email or direct messages on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to subscribe to get the latest blog updates direct to your mail, and to share this piece of information with your friends because knowledge is power. Cheers!

Written by Hauwa Abubakar☝️


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