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Why MSMEs must take content marketing seriously

As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, I was quite fascinated by the city of London.

Thanks to Charles Dickens, famous writer and author of one of my favorite childhood novels, "Oliver Twist."

The book painted a picture of 19th century London so vividly that I felt I knew it like my hometown.

That is what good content does to one.

It captures the interest of a reader or viewer in a subject matter and sustains it to the point of motivating action.

When I read Oliver Twist, I thought the images of London would only remain in the figments of my imagination.

I read the book at the age of ten and I was just in junior secondary school class 1.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I will be living in the United Kingdom 15 years later and be studying Digital Marketing.

During this course, I have learned much more about content marketing and the role it plays in business.

I have learned that businesses, not just writers use content to drive sales and conversions.

Why content m…

Make content go viral with the STEPPS Model

When I began lectures for my second module during my Post Graduate program, I was very excited for the course, Search and Social media marketing and to be honest, I really didn't understand why.
Looking back now I realise, it was mainly because I could easily relate to the topic and it just seemed like fun. I mean seriously why won't studying social media and how to use it to grow your business be fun?
One of the topics that really interested me was how to make your media or online content go viral. These contents can be anything- videos, audio, blog, image, animation, infographic, anything. This article is quite long so bear with me. Follow-up In my last blog, I talked about understanding the one percent rule of social media and using that knowledge to strategise better in your social media marketing campaigns.
Having understood the nature of social media audience, in this Follow-up I will be sharing how to use content to capture that relevant audience you are targeting.
So what is…