Why you need a SMART marketing objective

Every business needs to market itself to reach its target customers. Even for already established and well-known brands, marketing does not end. In order to use digital marketing to grow your business, one of the major factors to consider is how to develop SMART objectives.


Specific- Be very specific about what you want to achieve. Don't cram many goals or even dreams and expectations at a time. If it helps, list out all the things you hope to achieve within say the first year of starting your business and then prioritise them, and pick one by one. Example, Get five clients
Measurable- Set objectives you can measure. For instance, If your first specific goal is to get five clients in one month, it becomes measurable after one month when you begin to assess if you were able to achieve it or not.
Achievable- Every step flows into the other. A specific and measurable goal is often times achievable and if not, you can at least tell where you went wrong.
Realistic- Set realistic goals. It's good to dream big but at this point, if you really want to see your dreams come through, you have to start by setting goals that are within limits of achieving them in the time frame you've set.
Timed- A timed goal keeps you focused and as a matter of fact, reminds you that time waits for no one.

These would help you identify whether your marketing efforts paid off or not.

So, if your objective is to grow website traffic by 20% in two months, your plan could entail activities like, increasing or improving website content, improving the visual appeal of your website, and enhancing website visibility on search sites. 

With a SMART marketing objective you  can set time limits for project implementation.

You can measure impact of marketing efforts to the business.

You can prioritise projects in order of relevance or implementation

You can also identify risks involved in certain marketing strategies adopted and plan mitigative measures.
These are just a few reasons. What other reasons can you think of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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