Why every traditional business must be online


In an increasingly digitaliSed world, you would think every business has gone online but this is not the case for some businesses that believe their customers are not online. Perhaps you own a restaurant or run a taxi service and you still wonder why you need to be online.
Well, there’s more than just a need for your business to be online. Here are four reasons:

Digital Economy
No doubt, global economies are now largely driven by digitisation. The Internet of Things (IOT) has made it such that the world converges at one central point or the other. Whether it is paying for a subscription, booking a flight or paying your utility bills, the world is hinged on the Internet of Things – where devices are more connected than humans but enhancing our lives at different levels. The Internet of Things lets you understand why the weather forecast is even better these days and how it affects your trip, your bus ride or even your lectures in class. Today, everything in the world is connected.


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