Use trending topics to create rich content

It's not often easy to create content for your business' social media channels and website. Many writers and creators would agree that there are those moments when you just become blank and nothing ever reads right. With the rate at which content is being pushed out on a daily basis online, content creators are faced with the challenge of identifying relevant subjects to create content about and that would capture their target audience/customer.

You may use many apps out there that automate content creation, but the downside of such technology is that your audience can easily tell when your content is automated. Not only that, many of them don't actually create the content for you. Those that do may not often meet your expectations or requirements.

However, as a busy content marketer or business owner, you know that time is of the essence, and automating your online content seems like a lifesaver. Yet, there are those times when organic engagement on your social media might be the only thing you need, to convert your social media followers into customers.

The simple organic strategy which more content and social media marketers need to focus on more, and shed some of the automated content apps is simply to follow trends and hashtags and the one we have found to be very useful is the trending hashtags on Twitter or trending news on Facebook.
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Not only do you get instant updates on trends globally, you can easily identify the issues that would interest your audience.
When you use trending hashtags "that relates or resonates" with your target customer or audience, you get found easily.

However, don't fall into the trap of using trends indiscriminately in a way that insults the intelligence of your target. For instance, simply because "#TheVoice is trending, does not mean you should tweet E.g, "We are giving away ten bags of horse feeds to ten lucky winners who can explain how the horse got its hooves. #TheVoice" 😕

Not only would people think you have no idea how to use hashtags, they would feel your posts are irrelevant to them and quickly click the unfollow button (need I add, block button?).


Trending topics help to get your creative juices flowing. This is how you can use it effectively to create at least three social media posts?

  • Think of how it relates to your business and your target.
  • Think of their usefulness/relevance to your audience.
  • Think of what you can do with it to draw your target's interest. 
  • Ask, is it the sort of topic your target audience would be interested in?
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For instance, instead of posting "We are giving away ten bags of horse feeds to ten lucky winners who can explain how the horse got its hooves. #TheVoice" How about, "We have had a swell time watching the heated battles on #TheVoice today, but you will be even more excited when you hear our big giveaway this weekend.

This way, your post tends to be seen easily, as people use and share the hashtag, while your message is not way off the trending topic as well.
Being creative with hashtags sometimes saves the days you are feeling totally uninspired.

The key to using trending topics effectively is knowing when to use it, how to use it and how not to use it because believe it or not, your audience and customers are following these trends and your new or returning customers are among them.

Fine-tune your "hashtagging" skills and unlock newer business opportunity.

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