Five types of clients digital marketers are wary of

As a Small or medium business owner, you may have worked with various professionals-consultants or freelancers as part of a team to drive or manage your business. Just like you, the professionals you hire have their preferences when it comes to choosing or accepting a client to work with. Don’t ever think an industry is saturated with professionals therefore, when one refuses to work with you, another is just around the corner. You really don’t want to be that person no one wants to work with. Therefore, I have compiled this list of people digital marketers are wary of working with and would rather kiss the job goodbye, no matter how juicy the reward or how enjoyable the job is.

The Confusionist:
Everyone tries to avoid the confusionist don’t they? I mean not only are they confused, they sometimes tend to confuse you too and they may wind up questioning one’s expertise or knowledge, much to the displeasure of the freelancer or consultant. I was once hired to do email marketing on  the Freelancer platform, Fivesquid. He ordered an email marketing service but in his description of what he wanted, he actually was looking for a market research job. I had to take my time to explain that to him in order to be on the same page. Now, who is a confusionist? I personally define a confusionist as someone who doesn’t know or have an idea, exactly what he wants. A confusionist has so many ideas and doesn’t know how to put them together in order to put up a good plan. He is one who thinks plan A is superb, but thinks otherwise when he sees or thinks of something else. He wants to cram all his thoughts into one project or job, yet, isn’t quite sure exactly which is which.

The All Knower:
The all knower can be a super pain. Forget that you’ve studied and worked all your life in that industry, the all knower thinks he knows your job better. It would be best if you avoid arguing with this one but let experience be the best teacher. Share your thoughts and knowledge, let him know what you intend to bring to the project. But allow him have the final say if he insists. This can be hard, especially if your expert gut tells you his idea won’t work well. It’s best to however play it cool and demonstrate how both could pan out.


The Comparer
Every business owner wants his business to stand out. However, it is quite hard to work with someone who works in the shadows of his competitors. He always wants to beat the competition, and not necessarily be outstanding.
Most digital marketers would tell you, competition is inevitable. However, especially for a digital business, standing out, is every thing.

The Unaware
It’s quite difficult to work with someone who isn’t very aware of what your job entails but still doesn’t give you a vote of confidence. However, when you demonstrate that you have confidence in the marketer you’ve hired, you will be a joy to work with. Don’t however relegate yourself to the background and leave everything to the marketer. Show an interest in what he does, after all, this is about your business. That way, you can also learn a thing or two which makes you better informed to make certain digital marketing decisions without the need of a consultant.

Mr Whatever
You may think he is easy to work with because he leaves you to “do your thing” however, this is not so good especially when he lets you be, only to be displeased with your job when you’re done. You get to hear things like, isn’t this your job, you should have done better. You may not have done badly, but, he is just not very impressed because he had his expectations of you. Therefore, it’s best to tag Mr Whatever along so that he can express his exact expectations.

Are there other kinds of entrepreneurs you avoid working with as a digital marketer? Drop your list in the comments section.


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