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Welcome to the page I like to call my notepad. Here, you will read issues that I care about, am passionate about and that basically define me and what I believe in.

What I share here are mostly my thoughts, experiences and of course my imaginations outside digital marketing😁. I’m a dreamer, no doubt. However, these aren’t fantasies but real life issues. If you’d like to listen instead, then hop on to my podcasts and while away your time just listening to my stories. 😘


There’s a certain sentence people make quite often in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. You would hear this statement in arguments either on the highway between two erring vehicle drivers or in arguments among colleagues, neighbours and on the streets. “Who are you”? When you first hear it, you would think two or more people are having a confrontation and are bragging about what or who they are. 
I and my family had embarked on a road trip from Lokoja to Abuja for both personal and business reasons. It was a Monday morning and we arrived Gwagwalada at precisely 9am. As expected, there was a traffic gridlock along the Gwagwalada highway, enroute Airport Road. Read more...


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