Reach Out Programme

The Hauwa Reach Out Programme is my own way of giving back to society through three major projects namely:

Defeat Malaria
Project Water
And Electoral sensitisation.

I hope to improve the lot of many Nigerians in rural communities across the country. With the Defeat Malaria project, treated mosquito nets are acquired and distributed to pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly. This project seeks to help in the fight against malaria by providing preventive measures through the supply and distribution of treated mosquito nets to use to prevent malaria or related sicknesses. Sensitisation on why they should use it, how to use it, etc. Would form part of the project.


Project Water aims to provide portable water for rural communities to prevent water related diseases through the provision of water boreholes across rural communities.

And Electoral sensitisation is aimed at sensitising voters and Nigerians to encourage voters to vote wisely, devoid of their differences, nor sell their votes during elections in Nigeria so that capable hands can be voted to run the affairs of the state, with the sole aim of improving the lives of Nigerians and entrench good governance.

So, in order to support my cause, please order any of my marketing and communication services on Fivesquid and let me do a job for you. Monies obtained via Fivesquid will be used to fund some of these projects.



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